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Vegetable Seed Catalogue USA & Canada 2021

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Lettuce | Heated

Lettuce | Heated Greenhouse Green Crispy Green Oakleaf Crispyano | Crispyano is a fast growing crispy variety with a compact shape. It is strong against tipburn and Divisor | Divisor is a fast growing, mid green Oak variety that is also strong on Internal Tip Burn (ITB). bolting with a good base. This variety has an excellent taste, dark green color, and a crisp juicy texture. Successfully grown in indoor farms as well as greenhouses. Resistances: HR: BI:16-27,29,31,32,34,36EU/1-8US/TBSV | IR: LMV:1 It grows well in many environmental conditions and has a good taste. Resistances: HR: Bl:16-36EU/1-9US/TBSV Crispyano Green Butterhead Casey Casey is a fresh, medium green colored Butterhead for indoor production under long daylength. Casey is medium-fast maturity and yields jumbo-sized heads with excellent weight. It has a flat, clean, closed base and a full disease resistance package. Strong roots and good heat tolerance make Casey a great choice for summer production. Resistances: HR: Bl:16-36EU/1-9US/Nr:0/Pb Fairly | A medium-large butterhead with fresh green color, strong against internal tipburn. Fairly performs great under lights. Resistances: HR: Bl:16-34,36EU/1-8US/Nr:0/TBSV Red Oakleaf Rosalyn | Fast growing, nice shape with upright growth. Performs great under lights. Resistances: HR: Bl:16-36EU/1-9US/Nr:0/TBSV Lollo Bionda Jokary Jokary is a quick growing variety with flexible leaves. The plant is compact and easy to pack, with an excellent presentation that especially fits well in trios. Resistances: HR: Bl:16-36EU/1-9US/Nr:0 Lollo Rossa Divisor Casey Green Incised Green Reef Green Reef is a fast growing variety, producing upright heads that are flexible and compact. Litska | Dark red Eazyleaf with pliable leaves and upright growth. Leaves are juicy with some crisp. Resistances: HR: Bl:16-26,28,30-33EU/TBSV Rosalyn Highly-serrated green leaves have a thick texture and a narrow attachment. With excellent production, even in high density systems, this variety works year round for whole head or one-cut harvests. Resistances: HR: Bl:16-36EU/1-9US/Nr:0/Pb/TBSV Greenleaf Red Crispy Azirka Azirka is a triple red Lollo type that has a very thick, crunchy leaf with nice flavor. The leaf is rounded with good three dimensional structure. This variety also works well in trios. Resistances: HR: Bl:16-36EU/1-9US/Nr:0/TBSV | IR: LMV:1 Caipira Caipira performs very well year round, offering an attractive head with spring green color and sweet flavor. The variety maintains its compact size even during the heat, has good leaf size and high tolerance to internal tipburn. Fairly Resistances: HR: Bl:16-26,28,32EU/1-9US/Nr:0/TBSV | IR: LMV:1 Litska 26 | Enza Zaden Enza Zaden | 27