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Vegetable Seed Catalogue USA & Canada 2019

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Pepper | Diverse

Pepper | Diverse Eggplant Long sweet conicals Oranos F1 This outstanding orange conical pepper is a very early variety that produces vigorous plants with fruits 1.5 x 7 in. (4 x 18 cm) in size. Oranos is especially appreciated for its flavor, uniqueness, and easy growth habit. Resistances: HR: Tm:0 Annina F1 (E37H.01704) | new This gorgeous striped eggplant will not fail to impress growers and eaters alike. This adaptable variety produces well in both high tunnel and open field production systems, and yields halflong, uniform fruit that average 0.7 lb. (318 gr). Growers will appreciate the spineless calyx, and customers will love the deep purple color striped with fine white lines. Oranos Ancho / Poblano Bastan F1 This tasty hot pepper has good heat and matures to a beautiful chocolate color. Medium-sized fruit are thick walled and have a brilliant dark green color prior to ripening. The plant produces a concentrated set of consistently high quality fruits for fresh market. Thanks to excellent leaf cover and medium early maturity, growers can expect excellent yields at time of harvest. Traviata F1 Traviata is a strong growing, well-balanced plant that produces half-long, uniform, black, shiny fruits. A high yielding and early variety recommended for spring and summer open field and unheated greenhouse production. Annina F1 (E37H.01704) Hitman F1 Hitman is an open field Poblano pepper that has an attractive dark green, glossy color. The wellcovered plant provides protection for the fruit from the sun and produces high yields of uniformly large, dark green fruit. Its medium early maturity and high percentage of large 2 lobe peppers make this an excellent choice for growers throughout the Eastern US. Resistances: HR: Tm:0 Bastan Jalapeno Cuatrero F1 Cuatrero boasts a medium to tall plant with a well-filled canopy over a strong plant structure. Cuatrero’s high yields of uniform fruit with their dark green color and high resistance to cracking make this an excellent choice for growers in the Eastern US. Resistances: HR: Xcv:1,4/PVY:0/Tm:0 | IR: MaMiMj Teniente F1 Teniente joins Enza Zaden’s jalapeno assortment as a pepper that’s positioned for growers looking for a compact to medium sized plant with a good canopy and concentrated fruit set. Teniente stands out with its uniform green color and high resistance to cracking. Resistances: HR: Xcv:1-4/PVY:0 Teniente 54 | Enza Zaden Enza Zaden | 55

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