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Vegetable Seed Catalogue USA & Canada 2019

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Pepper | Blocky Green to

Pepper | Blocky Green to red Beachcraft F1 (E20B.30082) | new Our newest bell pepper, Beachcraft, is a high yielding open field variety that produces smooth, blocky fruits with a high percentage of four lobes. Fruits are well spaced on compact plants, reducing the number of unmarketable fruit. This widely adapted variety has good leaf cover, minimal cracking and heavy fruit set. Resistances: HR: Xcv:1-3/Tm:0 | TSWV:0 Placepack F1 (E20B.30160) | new The plants of Placepack have good cover and produce high quality dark green peppers. This variety is positioned for the main season, spring and fall. With Placepack you are assured of a high percentage 4-lobed peppers. Resistances: HR: Xcv:1-10/PVY:0-1/Tm:0 | IR: TEV Beachcraft (E20B.30082) Pepper Prodigy F1 (E20B.30162) | new Prodigy is the right variety for growers who want to get good yield from fewer harvest. The plants have good cover with a concentrated set. Resistances: HR: Xcv:1-10/Tm:0 Procraft F1 Procraft is a dual-purpose variety, appropriate for both fresh and processing markets due to its quality and firmness at all stages of maturity. Procraft is a tremendous yielder of thick-walled, blocky fruits. Adapted to both coastal and interior growing conditions. Resistances: HR: Xcv:1-3/PVY:0-1/Tm:0 | IR: TSWV:0/TEV Placepack (E20B.30160) Provider F1 (E20B.30161) | new The main characteristics of Provider are plants with excellent cover and production of high quality dark green peppers. The plant structure and fruit set make this variety a good choice for extended harvest. Resistances: HR: Xcv:1-10/PVY:0-1/Tm:0 | IR: TEV Sprinter F1 Sprinter produces a high yield for a long production period of beautiful peppers of 3.5 in. (90 mm) fruit. This variety is not sensitive to blossom end rot or russetting. Resistances: HR: Tm:0-3 Provider (E20B.30161) 50 | Enza Zaden Enza Zaden | 51

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