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Vegetable Seed Catalogue USA & Canada 2019

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Onion Intermediate - Red

Onion Intermediate - Red Short day - Yellow Cabernet F1 With a vigorous plant habit, Cabernet produces uniform globe-shaped bulbs of outstanding Copperhead F1 (E61S.10346) | new Early maturity variety, medium to jumbo sizes, perfect round deep shape. The outstanding bulb holding ability and high quality. Typical harvest is July through August, offering earliness and firmness. uniformity and great firmness makes Copperhead ideal for mechanical harvest. Cabernet Monastrell F1 Monastrell is an intermediate day onion that boasts high quality, single-centered bulbs. Bulbs are uniform and resistant to sunscald in the field. Averaging 3.5-4.0 in. (88-101 mm). Recommended for fresh market. Red Emperor F1 Early to mid intermediate red onion variety with good handling and storage characteristics. Red Emperor produces flattened globe to grano shaped bulbs of 2.4-3.5 in. (60‐90 mm). Red Emperor has a tight neck, which is ideal for curing. Samurai F1 Samurai is a mid-short day variety with medium to large size 2.8-4.3 in. (70-110 mm). Single centers and good skin retention. Francesca F1 Francesca is a mid to late short day variety with tolerance to pink root rot and strong tops. The exceptional bulb firmness makes this variety suited for mechanical harvest. Bulbs are approximately 3 in. (75 mm), globe-shaped and uniform. Gabriella F1 The uniform bulbs of Gabriella have a mild to sweet flavor and an attractive globe shape. For fresh Francesca market and short term storage. Madalyn F1 Madalyn is an early-to-mid short day onion. It produces globe shaped, bronze colored bulbs of 2.4-4.3 in. (60-110 mm). Monastrell Early intermediate – Yellow Gabriella Canarana F1 (E61D.06273) | new Canarana offers a strong foliage cover and a strong root system. Recommended for California and Northern Texas. Red Emperor Canarana F1 42 | Enza Zaden Enza Zaden | 43

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