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Vegetable Seed Catalogue USA & Canada 2019

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Spinach Acadia F1 Acadia

Spinach Acadia F1 Acadia is a dark green, semi-savoyed spinach with good texture for Babyleaf harvest. This slow- growing variety is recommended for main season production in Coastal California, and spring and fall production in Northern growing regions. Resistances: HR: Pfs:1-13,15,16 Camaro F1 Camaro is a main season Salinas summer type. Dark elongated oval leaves with good uniformity at maturity. Resistances: HR: Pfs:1-14,16 Acadia Corvair F1 Corvair produces nice oval-shaped, thick leaves that are upright in stature. Good in spring and autumn production. Very adaptable. Resistances: HR: Pfs:1-11,13,15,16 Escalade F1 This flexible variety is excellent for both Babyleaf and bunch harvest. Escalade performs well in spring, summer and fall production. Escalade's field holding ability will make it a favorite when planted in the heat period. Resistances: HR: Pfs:1-14,16 Corvair Shelby F1 Shelby is an excellent transition variety for spring and fall. Shelby offers consistency and uniformity in those times of the season with variable temperatures. Resistances: HR: Pfs:1-13,15,16 Escalade Tundra F1 Tundra is a dark green, semi-savoyed spinach with excellent texture for Babyleaf production. This slow growing variety is recommended for main season production and is an excellent complement to Acadia as it provides 1-4 days earlier harvest. Shelby 34 | Enza Zaden Enza Zaden | 35

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