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Vegetable Seed Catalogue USA & Canada 2019

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Index Innovative by nature Innovative by nature 3 Introducing 2019 new varieties 4 Resistances 64 Disclaimer 65 Products Arugula 27 Broccoli 36 Cauliflower 38 Cucumber 60 Endive 26 Fennel 39 Herbs 28 Leek 44 New crop! Enza Zaden recently started a watermelon breeding program. Lettuce 6 Melon 49 Onion 40 Pepper 50 Pumpkin 47 Radish 45 Rootstock 62 Spinach 34 Squash 46 Tomato 56 Watermelon 48 In this catalogue the varieties which are also available as organic seeds are marked as Think as an industry Produce – fruit and vegetables – is a big category with a high household penetration, regardless of the country or continent in question. While this makes produce a significant contributor to overall supermarket retail sales, finding growth in a mature market like the produce industry is not easy. Mobile phone industry Let’s take the mobile phone industry as an example: for many years, mobile phone industry growth occurred simply due to more consumers buying and using cell phones. Little by little, the market started to saturate and the cell phone companies were forced to change tactics – rather than merely chase new users, they now had to add more dollars amongst current subscribers. Subsequently, their consumer messaging also had to evolve – while it began based on the necessity of a mobile phone, it soon moved to focusing on the need for a bigger data, text and calling plan, a fancier phone, access for the whole family, or reasons to choose one provider over another. Inspire consumer Driving growth in produce is much the same as making consumers spent more money on their latest new smartphone. To best understand how all players in the produce industry can work together to support greater consumption and spending, we have to put the consumer in the middle of our game plan. After all, in a scenario where consumers buy more produce, we all win – from farm to fork. As an industry, we have to inspire consumers to buy fresh produce and find ways to prompt them to spend more than they did before – preferably on our items or at our store – by continuously providing innovative products that enhance the consumer eating experiences. Innovative by nature At Enza Zaden, there is a team specifically focused on evaluating flavor profiles and post-harvest traits. By utilizing taste panels, phytochemical analysis and evaluating postharvest handling, we can more accurately predict how a new variety will be perceived by the consumer and stand-up on the shelf. Other desired traits include drought tolerance, insect and disease resistance and high yield. In order to best select for these traits, Enza Zaden evaluates its genetic material under various management systems in multiple locations throughout the target region. This multifaceted information allows us to draw correlations among agronomic traits, consumer flavor preferences, color, and post-harvest capacity to select the most flavorful and shelflife worthy cultivars. In each of more than 20 programs, the breeding teams at Enza Zaden are ultimately focused on employing innovation to constantly rethink the way fresh produce can be grown, displayed and consumed. Edited on Jan 2nd, 2019 Enza Zaden | 3

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