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ThePartnership no. 15

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Wilson Produce places

Wilson Produce places mini conicals on the menu in North America Partnership “Europe is located somewhere in between,” he continues. “Northern Europeans are quite no-nonsense and have the luxury of a wide and varied range of fresh vegetables at a relatively low cost. There is a movement that is working towards fair prices for food products. Once growers receive higher wages for their work, vegetables will become more expensive and that will improve the competitive position of vertical farms. Another aspect that is becoming increasingly important, is the fluctuating product quality and year-round availability that are associated with the conventional production methods. Supermarkets do not like this fluctuation. Plant factories can eliminate these fluctuations and uncertainties and should be able to charge a slightly higher price for this. A cost price that is currently too high for Europe.” Lettuce factories in metro stations So, the focus remains on the Far East for the latest developments. Not least because the Japanese Association for Vertical Farming invests in R&D on behalf of its members. In South Korea, the wealthy market leaders MEI and Mireawon are also moving forward. Area Manager Japan & Korea Young Han encountered a new phenomenon in the metro stations of Seoul this year: lettuce factories behind glass walls, fitted with machines where hungry Young lettuce plants under LED lights in a clean, closed, controlled environment. Miraewon Farms, South Korea. commuters can take a locally grown, automatically harvested and freshly packaged head of lettuce from the wall. “At first I did not believe my eyes, but it is a brilliant idea,” he says enthusiastically. “Every day millions of commuters see how the crops grow under LED lights and how they are automatically harvested and packaged. You cannot get any fresher or cleaner and it is the ultimate example of local-for-local. This appeals to many people. Whether this concept will be profitable in the long term remains to be seen, but it is certainly original.” Different selection method All the experts agree that cost price reduction is one of the major challenges facing vertical farmers, wherever they are in the world. According to Van Kuijk Enza Zaden can help with this: “Seed companies have always selected their varieties under varying climatic and light conditions,” he explains. “In a plant factory, these conditions are in principle always constant. In order to know how varieties will perform under such conditions, they should also be tested under these conditions. We have our own PFAL in Enkhuizen, where we can objectively test relevant crops and varieties. We are already seeing that this results in different choices than in the selection programmes for conventional cultivation methods.” Building on product experience and growth together Mini pointed sweet peppers are a relatively new and visually attractive product. It is a perfect healthy snack. The Mexican-American company Wilson Produce has been growing these mini conicals for about 15 years. Twelve years ago the company was introduced to varieties from Enza Zaden and started a cross-border collaboration. 30 | The Partnership The Partnership | 31

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