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ThePartnership no. 15

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By plane or bike 20

By plane or bike 20 Index Welcome to the 15th edition of the Enza Zaden ‘The Partnership’ magazine! One of the most fascinating aspects of the international presence of Enza Zaden around the globe is its enormous diversity of customers. The way how they operate, their size, whether or not organised in groups or conglomerates, and their often very specific product wishes and demands. As Enza Zaden we sell our seeds not only to large, multimillion euro/dollar vegetable producing companies, but our seeds also reach smaller, individual growers on their 500 m² plots (and everything in-between). Some seeds are delivered by piece, others by metric ton either by plane or by bike. This requires a great deal of expertise and flexibility within our organisation in order to supply our highly valued vegetable product portfolio in an ever more complex global market. What will the future bring? More and more consolidation of vegetable producers? Less but bigger sized growers? Also in the developing markets, for instance, in Eastern Europe and South East Asia? Probably yes! It means that until 2050 fewer people will be responsible for 50% more food production on less available arable land in order to feed – the expected – 10 billion people. An enormous challenge and responsibility. In order to make this happen, more resilient and productive vegetable varieties are compulsory together with more advanced growing technologies. For instance, specifically developed F1 hybrids for protected cropping under (sub) tropical conditions? A more than possible change for this enormous market. In the last few years, the counter side of further consolidation within the vegetable production industry has become apparent: a structural lack of (qualified) labour. Further mechanisation and automation of all necessary activities in producing a high value vegetable crop will be an absolute must. This will for sure change vegetable product models and therefore our vegetable variety development programmes, but Enza Zaden will be able to deliver – either by plane, bike or drone. Joep Lambalk Chief Scientific Officer Enza Zaden 8 16 31 24 The Partnership 4 Opportunities for diversity: summer squash Why is the summer squash portfolio so broad? Well, to create options for the customers and to make the varieties adaptable to specific conditions. 16 Where do onions travel to? Only 10% of the global onion production cross borders. We take a look at the largest exporters. And which countries they export their onions to. 28 Plant Factories are ready for rapid growth There’s a lot going on in the Plant Factories with Artificial Light. The latest developments in this fast changing, hightech growing method. 8 12 Radish rules in Poland, Russia and Ukraine Three countries account for more than a quarter of the global red round radish consumption. What’s happening in these markets? Successful with melons ‘Mike’s Melons’ is a brand that distinguishes itself in taste and quality. An insight how years of collaboration has contributed to the company’s success. 20 24 SmartFood Superheroes Two international food and produce experts tell us more about the SmartFood trend. It’s obviously much more than just a fancy marketing term. Gearing up for future circumstances Huh, abiotic stress factors? What are those? Knowledge in this field is essential to develop the varieties of tomorrow. And we explain why. 31 34 Building on product experience and growth together The Mexican-American company Wilson Produce knows all about marketing the sweet mini peppers. How Mighty Minis have become a huge success and how a remarkable collaboration has contributed to this. Event Calendar An overview of upcoming events. Cover: Anh Nguyen Portfolio Manager Lettuce & Endive 14 In Focus What do you know about melon, tomatoes, pumpkin and sweet pepper? Some facts about these vegetables that you might didn’t know yet. 27 Column Henk Haitsma, former director of Vitalis Organic Seeds, is passionate about organic products and writes why he is thoroughly convinced the organic world will keep growing. The Partnership | 3

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