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The Partnership no. 9

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Consumption of traditional types versus export types this led to a very short chain, consisting largely of a handful of very large parties. Olivares regards those parties less as customers, as in the past, but above all as partners. These large, multifunctional chain parties and their cooperation with the seed company, in which they each benefit from their own expertise, has resulted in an interesting market approach: co-creation. Concepts that appeal to emotional experience Let's take a look at two successful concepts developed in All what is produced in Spain can also be Another factor behind this co-creation is the consumer’s position. Now that the Spain: Tribelli® and TomAzur®. The basic idea is simple: combine found in the Spanish markets, including the chain has become so short, seed companies and their chain partners together all varieties that meet specific demands from the chain – such Long European Type (LET) cucumbers and approach the ultimate customers: the consumers. According to Olivares we as flavour and presentation – in a single programme. Olivares: blocky peppers. “But as a Mediterranean should now be asking ourselves not who the consumers are, but what they are "We respond to the chain’s desire of knowing what they're country, local traditions are important,” says like. “In this respect the internal partnership within Europe is a great advantage, buying. We sell this trust." Regional Sales Director Prudencio Olivares. “Vegetables are also integrated in the local enabling us to observe consumers together, to analyse them and find out what motivates them. Together with the growers/shippers we then develop product Tribelli® culture and our way of cooking. Therefore, programmes for which we believe there is a need. The consumers’ buying Tribelli® stands for the deliciously the consumption of traditional vegetable behaviour tells us whether we’re doing the right thing. It’s the chain that leads to sweet pepper varieties in three types is considerable larger than the export consumers.” colours. They are grown in Spain, but types that Spanish growers grow for other European countries.” Emotion they are also sold in northwestern Europe. The chain partners in, for instance, UK, Germany and In co-creation all the chain parties, from seed companies to shippers and Scandinavia, are closely involved in the brand development. An example of this is the LET cucumber of which the consumption in Spain is very low. marketeers, join forces in order to offer consumers products that meet their wishes and needs. Olivares adds that it’s not the intention to influence the TomAzur® The locals definitely prefer their traditional consumers. “The seed companies’ role is to take the initiative on the basis of the ® The tomatoes sold under the Spanish range: the short slicer types, which results of the observations and analyses of consumers, and to translate those TomAzur® brand name make it clear to – according to Olivares – also taste better. results into new innovations. If our chain partners share our faith in a new all the links in the chain that these And the same goes for sweet pepper: “The concept we develop the programme in greater detail together with them, after tomatoes have three distinguishing characteristics: quality, Spaniards mainly consume the Lamuyo and which the growers/shippers grow and pack the product and ship it to European flavour and presentation. The entire chain is therefore assured Conical type, and generally they eat them retailers.” that the tomatoes meet these quality requirements. TomAzur® is cooked. Although blocky peppers can be sold in Spain, where they are also grown, and in northwestern found locally as well, the consumption is very In this revolutionary way in which the Spanish chain approaches its consumers, Europe, just like Tribelli®. low as is the case with LET cucumbers.” the consumers are regarded as users. After all, there’s no scarcity of goods in the countries for which Spain produces, and consumers can decide for The only exceptions are the tomato range themselves what products they buy. A consequence of this wide range of and iceberg lettuce. Olivares: “For us, tomato is the king of the vegetables and all types can available vegetables is that emotion plays a far more prominent place in the consumers’ choices. Challenges be found in Spain. Iceberg used to be grown solely for export purposes, but now this type Concepts There are still numerous challenges for now and the future. Breeding processes proceed faster and faster and ever more “Good cooperation and co-creation are necessary to minimise such risks. As a seed company we observe the consumers in all the has become important for us too. Mostly for So how does that work – developing concepts that will appeal to consumers’ efficiently, but it still takes at least six years to develop a new variety. European markets to which Spain exports. If we then together its convenient price, not for its taste. The emotional experience? Olivares points out that western consumers are primarily And that in an age and market in which retailers, especially ensure programmes with a constant quality we can build confidence Romaine lettuce – in all its formats and sizes interested in good quality at a reasonable price. Quality and price are important supermarkets, are making more and more demands. Speed has and commitment. – and in the North the Batavia lettuce are our pillars, and people are prepared to pay a little more if they can be certain that become a decisive factor. Decisions are taken quickly, and then traditional local types. However, we see the they will obtain a product of high quality, characterised by, say, a good flavour. there’s no time to wait for years. Olivares: “When we’re confronted This will only become more important in the future. Olivares expects consumption of bagged leaf type mixtures It’s a matter of responding to that desire: “Loads of good varieties with excellent with a specific demand or problem we always try to find a solution that the chain will become even shorter, and that the role of increase, probably as these bags meet flavour are already available on the market; there’s no problem in that respect. in the varieties that are already available. The wider the range of consumers will increase, partly through social media. “That’s why today’s trend for convenience.” What we do is to combine all those good products in a single programme, so available varieties, the greater the choice and the possibility of we’ve already started to work with social media, but for us they are that consumers will know what they’re buying. We sell trust. If quality prompts a finding a satisfactory solution. So we try to keep our range as wide still tools for getting to know a market, and to understand and good experience, that’s what consumers will remember. They will later think of as possible.” But what if things are the other way round, and a inventory consumers’ wishes and needs. The Internet may come to that experience, and not the price. And so they will buy the product again.” retailer asks a grower to grow a specific product and then cancels play a key role in the future.” the order? The grower will then be stuck with products he can’t sell. 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