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The Partnership no. 8

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Changing consumer

Changing consumer behaviour only for the products but also for the social aspect. Verwegen: convenience services in the form of delivery or click-and-collect Multichannel approach The desire for authenticity among millennials is translating into “These are the first sales outlets where new trends become visible, subscriptions are already available in many countries. This way A multichannel approach for supermarkets and other links in the changing consumer behaviour. It is a given that supermarkets, like the rapid rise of peppery rocket, for example. Taking part in consumers get all the fresh ingredients they need to make hot production chain is a must if they are to survive in the future – at whose largely standardised offerings are relatively anonymous in one of these markets or a food festival or taste-testing with a food meals and salads delivered to their homes at prearranged times and least in terms of communication with end consumers. They are terms of origin, are still by far the most important sales channel for truck can provide producers with valuable feedback prior to in precisely the right quantities, along with a recipe and a brief or interested in the source and the producer’s expertise. Verwegen: food. But more and more alternatives are coming on stream which launching new vegetable varieties.” detailed description of the origin of the products. The emphasis is “The internet has made it much easier for producers to appeal to younger generations in big cities in particular. A new golden age has begun for small-scale, artisan shops, preferably Convenience services often on regional and seasonal organic products, which gives the service extra authentic, sustainable credentials. “Interestingly, these communicate directly with the end consumer and has even enabled them to sell directly. But make no mistake, the potential client will grouped together under the roof of a wide-ranging fresh food At home in the kitchen, more and more consumers are keen to delivery services are introducing a new dynamism into product still demand a lot of attention.” market. They offer a selection of sustainably produced food, take the time to cook with care, especially at weekends. Slow food development. Items that do not make it onto the supermarket usually of local origin. These local markets are not the place to do as a time to relax and spend with family or friends is in. But shelves immediately are getting real opportunities through direct the entire daily shop; instead, people visit them to top up – and not convenience and time-saving are called for in this area too. Online contact with the target audience,” Verwegen explains. US kale day Transparent information provision In France initiatives have been launched in which local sales of various vegetables, meat and dairy products are combined into modern, internet-driven concepts. Take O'TERA for example. It may look like a cooperative, but it is actually a trade-driven initiative. In fact, it is a local platform with a physical sales outlet located close to the local traditional street market. The name of the grower of every product is shown, along with a photograph and address and details of how long they have been with O'TERA. A special feature is the transparent pricing information provided, which includes the growers’ price and the mark-up. O'TERA: The multichannel approach takes up a great deal of time and effort. It can therefore sometimes be more costeffective not to do everything yourself. With a trendy product, for example – one that people will actively seek out online – it can be a good idea to seek collaboration with other growers and possibly trading partners. A good example of this is the US site of the national kale day. This is not only a website where producers can actively promote kale, but they have even declared 1 October “US kale day”. Within a cooperative, individual producers can also be given scope to profile themselves on the internet in an efficient way. The website Verse Oogst, powered by The Greenery (the Netherlands) is a good example of this. National kale day: Verse Oogst: 26 | The Partnership The Partnership | 27

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