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The Partnership no. 8

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Millennials point the

Millennials point the way to the eating and buying habits of tomorrow There will always be regional and local differences in eating and buying habits, but it makes sense to focus on megatrends that influence that behaviour. Millennials are an interesting focus group in this regard. Millennials are consumers born roughly between 1981 and 2000, who now form the biggest and most influential group of young adults. What is striking is the relatively large number of single-person households among this group. They are sustainable and that they also support the community in other ways have a clear advantage over competitors who don’t. We are not talking 'certified organic' per se. Local products with a traceable origin and transparent information about the circumstances under which they were produced are also greatly appreciated. Demand for local products is so strong that 'local' is now being referred to as the new 'organic' in Germany. Trends also referred to as 'Generation Y', as the successors to Generation X (born in 1961-1980). “Thanks to the internet, this Y cohort is the Authenticity first generation in world history to have many values in common Verwegen: “Because the young consumer spends a large part of measured over many different countries and to have similar buying their life in a virtual world, they have a strong need for ‘the real and eating patterns. Convenience, and a quick and on-the-go thing’, or in other words tangible products. For example: contact availability are key elements of this. But there is also social with the earth in a literal sense, as evidenced by the popularity of involvement,” market researcher Hans Verwegen explains. small-scale urban farming and growing vegetables at home – Internet and social media preferably experimental, with new taste sensations. The young producer shares the end-product proudly with their friends. As a Millennials have grown up with the internet, mobile phones and result, appreciation of the skills of the professional grower is social media. Their world view and buying behaviour are influenced definitely on the rise, but this manifests itself most of all when by blogs and apps to a far greater extent than by traditional media people feel that they know this person – in real life or virtually.” such as newspapers, magazines, television and radio. Authenticity, integrity and opportunities for interaction are important criteria against which millennials judge not only media but also companies and products. Social media, especially blogs, play just as crucial a role in mutual communication and group formation. Social networks form around specific topics or themes; within them, Vegetables have earned a people communicate on these subjects unhindered by distance or national borders. Verwegen: “As a provider you can capitalise on permanent and well-deserved this development, but you must do so in a language that resonates place on the daily menu all over with the target audience and with a real passion for your product.” the world. Internationally, consumption behaviour is undergoing a sea change, with ever more attention being focused on the origin of products. Producers that respond effectively to this change with the right products, partners and marketing mix do good business. But this also calls for good communication with the end customer via modern channels. This applies to every link in the chain. What does the near future have in store for us? Loyal and committed Once a product or brand has earned their trust, millennials are often very loyal and committed customers. They want to influence and join in the conversation and like companies to be open to that. “This means that companies not only need to advertise on social media and in social networks, but they must also participate actively in them. This takes time, money and a clear vision for interactive communication, of course, but you really do get something in return.” Millennials are active co-creators and their questions, ideas, suggestions and tips often make a very valuable contribution to product development within companies. Socially involved Millennials have sincere concerns about climate change, pollution and social abuses. They detest greed: companies can make a good profit, but they should also give something back to society. Companies that can prove that their production methods are Asia vs Europe Supermarkets in Japan and Korea have been displaying producers’ names on the sales shelves, often along with a photograph, for the past 25 years. And as long as 15 years ago, the arrival of the mobile phone made it possible for customers to go straight to the manufacturer’s website while in the store. This was particularly successful, given the number of active users on the Japanese shop floor. This method of promotion has been less successful in Europe. Major players often place QR codes on packaging, but their use has not lived up to expectations. 24 | The Partnership The Partnership | 25

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