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The Partnership no. 8

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BD Salads new standards

BD Salads new standards for branding and marketing BD Salads is already by far the largest producer of fresh salads in Russia, but the family business’s ambitions go further. “We’ve almost reached the full capacity of our three cutting facilities and we’re ready for further expansion,” says Managing Director Anton Semenov. Smart marketing has prompted Russian consumers to take a different look at salads. Sturdy basic food is giving way to a varied range of readymade prepacked delicate salads with a strong health image. Belaya Dacha can trace its agricultural history almost a hundred years back in time. It was established as a traditional farm in 1918, soon after the communist revolution. After the nationalisation in the early 1920s it evolved into a model sovkhoz that earned respect both within and outside Russia. The political and economic revolution that began in the late 1980s implied new opportunities and possibilities. Viktor Semenov turned the state farm into a family business and began to focus on vegetables, in particular different types of lettuce, and on processing them in fresh salads. He now manages Belaya Dacha Holding, which, besides the agro-industrial complex, also comprises an investment company specialising in property development. Marketing New times, new opportunities In 2007 Viktor’s son Anton joined the business, and he now holds sway over Belaya Dacha Trading and the premium brand BD Salads. “Things went really quickly,” says Semenov. “My father was very much aware of the new opportunities brought by the changed times. The opening of the borders and increasing welfare introduced Russian consumers to new products and consumption cultures, new retail formulas and new catering concepts, such as fast food. He really staked a lot on that.” A great milestone was the acquisition of the first contract for supplying vegetables to McDonald’s. That was in 1994, when the fast-food giant opened its first restaurants in Moscow and Saint Petersburg. There are now 500 branches in Russia, in dozens of large towns. The company soon began to supply produce to other formulas and wholesalers, too. Belaya Dacha grew along with the increasing demand of a steadily expanding customer base - in terms of turnover and size, but also professionalism. 18 | The Partnership The Partnership | 19

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