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The Partnership no. 7

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Seed Health Laboratory

Seed Health Laboratory Germination Laboratory Seed Upgrading Constantly changing regulations In addition to the enormous volume of phytosanitary and fiscal measures, changes to regulations and new projects are introduced almost every year. Seed Processing Packaging Groen: “To get the seed to the customer fast, we are increasingly sending it out directly to our subsidiaries’ customers. The subsidiaries book these orders and handle invoicing, but we send out the seed. In this way we can have seed sent from a foreign location such as the USA to another country such as Brazil and invoice the customer ourselves Seed Production Customer Service from the Netherlands. In that case it is important to ensure that all tax law requirements in all the countries concerned are met on one single order.” Another more recent development of the last few years: ever stricter international anti-terrorism laws Cell & Tissue Culture Phytopathology | Routine Disease Testing Journey of the seed Marketing & Sales Product Development and regulations. Groen: “We have had to expand some of our internal seed processing and packing procedures. For example, staff have been given special training, we now store packs to be air freighted in lockable cages with surveillance cameras, and we seal boxes with special tape. As a result, we are now certified as Approved Air Freight Agent and as such we are permitted to perform security checks ourselves. That is much cheaper for Machines under the spotlight Molecular Markers Selecting Breeding Facts & figures Packaging & Customer Service us than having all our shipments checked by the shipper. And importantly, it reduces the risk of delays. A third example is the Nagoya Protocol, which came into force very recently. This enables the benefits of genetic material to be shared between the user and the provider. Groen: “When we ship research material we have to be able to demonstrate that it Filling machines The filling machines weigh the seeds with a 14-head multi head weigher or count them with a camera. These machines fill bags of 100 grams, or from 100 grams to block bags of approximately 2,500 g. 13,000 shipments per year, of which 2,000 non-commercial and imports More than 2.2 million packs 14,000 orders And where do the consignments go? 30% within Benelux 20% to commercial subsidiaries and 5% to customers on their behalf 35% to the territories represented by Enza Zaden Export 10% to producers and R&D stations 5% other consignments to third parties meets the Nagoya requirements. So we decided to centralise all these aspects in one department manned by several customer service, import and shipping specialists. This is enabling us to build up a lot of very reliable expertise and supporting documents of evidience and a large shipping network. And that’s what it is ultimately about: ensuring that our customers receive the right products in the right quality and at the right time.” Canning line Pelleted seed, such as lettuce, endive and some tomato seed, are vulnerable because of the extra layer. Cans available in three different heights provide the necessary protection for these products. Ninety-five percent of orders for canned seed are for pelleted seed. In general, only non-pelleted seed is canned if a country’s legislation only permits cans. The Partnership | 25

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