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The Partnership no. 7

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On the move Welcome to

On the move Welcome to this new edition of The Partnership. Enza Zaden keeps performing strong on its developments of new seed varieties and sales to our customers worldwide. At the same time we see a strong growth in sharing our new technical developments with a growing group of other companies. Enza Zaden believes that cooperation in the seed business will make our sector stronger and will eventually lead to better products for growers and consumers. Enza Zaden’s strong performance creates a solid base for the future. In order to facilitate our future growth we are going to make substantial investments the coming years. Investments expanding our worldwide operational and research capacity, so we can continue to deliver to you the best genetics in high quality seeds. At the same time we continue to develop the organisation through our own tailor-made educational programmes within the Enza Academy. We believe in value creation through cooperation; within our company but also with our suppliers, distributors and partners in the chain. All with the same end goal: to deliver consumers healthy and tasty vegetables. Together with our partners through the combination of new genetics and innovative marketing we want to reach out to these millions of consumers and create value in life and living. We wish you a healthy and fruitful 2015. Jaap Mazereeuw Managing Director Enza Zaden 4 Product 8 Markets 12 Partnership 14 In Focus 16 CSR 18 Trends 21 Column 22 Product 26 Marketing 30 Science 32 Technology Diversification in tomato Tomato is a very versatile vegetable that offers many options. The diversification in tomato is ever increasing. Not only in size, but also in flavour, use, appearance and cultivation methods. Germany: a country of customs and traditions What trends do we see in the German market and what do these developments mean for a country that cherishes its customs and traditions? Down under with South Pacific Seeds and Terranova Seeds South Pacific Seeds and Terranova Seeds are important players in the Australian and New Zealand vegetable seed market. Enza Zaden has a close partnership with these companies for over 25 years. In Focus Up to date with the latest developments and events. Fair Planet As a non-profit organisation Fair Planet aims to improve food security and create economic opportunities in regions with high levels of poverty. US organic market on an upward trend The United States is the country with the largest market for organic food. What is it that makes this such an important trend in this country? Column Onion is a very long-term crop. Therefore, it's even more important to always look ahead. Take some lessons from a very enthusiastic onion breeder. Getting there efficiently and in time After washing and grading the seed, the quality has been checked and improved. The next step now is the packaging and sending of the seed. That sounds easier than it is. Sweet pepper: 50 years young, still g(r)o(w)ing strong Around fifty years ago sweet peppers started to tentatively but steadily cross the Italian border and sweep the West European market. A lot has happened within this crop since. Science in a nutshell What has the discovery of DNA brought us? Artificial growing light brings advantages In Scandinavia a common way of growing for many years, but fairly new in to greenhouse vegetable growers in the Netherlands: grow lights. What advantages are brought by a grow light system? Markets Product 4 8 Trends Partnership 12 18 Technology Marketing 26 32 Index Product 2 | The Partnership Cover: Erica Renaud, Vitalis Regional Business Manager The Partnership | 3

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