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The Partnership no. 7

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Fair Planet Dr. Shoshan

Fair Planet Dr. Shoshan Haran set up the non-profit organisation Fair Planet in 2012. Fair Planet These seed companies supply us with seed for the trials, wideranging knowledge and financial support. This gives us access to CSR focuses on vegetable variety trials with expertise and a very broad collection of varieties. Teamwork is the smallholding farmers in Ethiopia, transfer of key to success.” technical knowledge and the set-up of a key demonstration farm for vegetables in Apart from seed companies, the local ministry of agriculture and Ethiopia. After receiving her Ph.D. in Plant Science, Shoshan worked Haramaya University – the country’s largest university with 15,000 for Israeli seed companies. “I was part of the industry that develops students on campus – are also involved. The university plays a major varieties for a number of different growing conditions, delivering a role in the other two projects on the development of horticulture in solution for many farmers all over the world. At the same time I was Ethiopia which are aimed at increasing productivity now and aware that malnutrition and hunger were rife in some parts of Africa. delivering technology transfer and capacity development in the This was what prompted me to set up Fair Planet with the idea to future. bridge the gap between the leading seed companies and the smallholder farmers in hunger stricken countries.” Five-fold improvement in harvest Improving quality and yield The initial results are very promising. The projects have shown that quality hybrid varieties can yield five times as many tomatoes as the Fair Planet aims to improve food security and create economic average national harvest. What is more, fruit weight has increased opportunities in regions with high levels of poverty. To achieve this, from the approximately 40 grams yielded by the local variety to Shoshan not only applies her own expertise and entrepreneurship 120 grams with the high-quality variety, and these fruits are even but also taps into her network of contacts with major seed more robust and have better keeping qualities. And this is just the companies. Shoshan: “Ethiopia has ninety million inhabitants, beginning. Yet more new ideas are on the agenda for the future, around ten million of whom are small farmers. I am convinced that such as tomato trials in the east of the country and the introduction with high-quality seed and basic training, even farmers who use the of onion and chilli peppers and the development of training simplest growing methods can improve the quality and yield of their programmes for technology transfer and capacity development in crops. This then gives families enough vegetables to feed the south-west. themselves and sell at market. Their nutrition and health improves, as does their economic situation, so they can invest in their Shared passion and goals children’s future.” Shoshan is delighted to be working with Enza Zaden. At a recent Teamwork visit to Enkhuizen, it struck her that Fair Planet and Enza Zaden share the same passion and goals. “Our team felt the employees’ Enza Zaden is one of four seed companies involved in this project. commitment and enthusiasm, and it felt almost like a family. It Through it they are together doing something beneficial for society. reminded me of the way things work on the kibbutz. I am also very Fair Planet currently has three projects ongoing in Ethiopia. Trials happy to be working with Enza Zaden’s strong export team, because with tomato varieties are taking place in Butajira, the southern it is sometimes a major challenge to work in developing countries.” central part of the country. “The success of Fair Planet depends on More information about this project available is at the expertise and goodwill of the participating seed companies. People and respect are important values in our company. This also includes having respect for the environment we live and work in. Corporate social responsibility, in other words – and our collaboration with Fair Planet is a perfect example of contributing to a better environment and operating in full harmony with it. "Teamwork is the key to success” The Partnership | 17

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