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The Partnership no. 12

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Dear reader, dear

Dear reader, dear partner, Index Product Index Enza Zaden’s annual rate of growth is accelerating. Often I hear that this is a result of the growth of the global vegetable seed market. But there is more to it than growth in size. In various markets we see a fast increasing demand for new special or exclusive products, coming from changes in consumer preferences. These changes occur unexpectedly and often within a short time period. Enza Zaden needs to be adaptive to the weak/early signals in the market and create a portfolio that is divers and flexible to meet market demands. This requires extensive research and product development resulting in a few varieties that fill the market needs. Many products never make it to the market, but are still part of the success of the winning varieties. The cost for variety and eventually product development is increasing year-on-year. Besides the growth in size of the market, the growth of value of our genetics is also generated by this trend. Making a positive return on these trends requires two things: first a strong connection of our breeders and sales colleagues to the market and secondly, your input! We need to intensify our communication and partnership even further, to assure the best output from our breeding activities. Enza Zaden will keep investing in market know-how and use this together with new breeding technologies. But it requires our mutual cooperation to make the most out of these efforts. We all will benefit from the outcome. Hein Bemelmans Director Marketing & Sales 4 Revival of the cauliflower Cauliflower excels in versatility and diversification. Moreover, the consumption of cauliflower has undergone an extraordinary development. Read all about it. 8 Trendsetting Japan If there's one country where quality is of extreme high priority, it's Japan. And moreover, this country is and has been at the forefront when it comes to food trends, such as convenience food and vegetable juices. An interesting country to learn more from. 12 Behta takes Iranian horticulture to the next level ‘How to make each other better’, is the joint motto of Iranian distributor Behta and Enza Zaden. This has resulted in a long-term and tight relationship that has been beneficial to both companies. 15 Column Sanjay Bisht, Country Head in India explains the importance of local partnerships for his region. 16 Impact online on vegetable supply chain Is the purchasing of fresh vegetables shifting to online shops? Not necessarily, but it's a fact that online shortens the chain, stimulates food service and offers many new opportunities. 20 Greenyard is growing in custom work Fresh, Frozen, Prepared and Horticulture. Four divisions that Greenyard, service provider of fresh fruit and vegetables, is further expanding to remain market leader in this field. Sustainable chain partnerships and cooperation are essential for this. 24 Robotics accelerate plant breeding processes Data analysis allow a more efficient selection at an earlier stage and in a more targeted manner. Thanks in part to new vision technology, robotics is helping to accelerate plant breeding processes. 28 Russian tomato-growing is maturing Russia has given high priority to food production on its own soil, including vegetables from covered cultivation. One of the companies that pursuits a greater self-sufficiency is Ecocultura. And this gives the development of high-tech greenhouse horticulture a substantial boost. 30 Looking for chances, grasping opportunities A huge amount of technological and research potential is available to achieve optimum seed quality. This has led to interactive processing, which has advantages. Markets Product 4 8 Trends Partnership 12 16 Technology Marketing 32 Baraa Primary School A school garden has made a world of difference for many children in Tanzania. With some extra support, an irrigation system has been purchased which has brougt the project to an even higher level. 34 Events An overview of upcoming events. 20 24 2 | The Partnership Cover: Peter Oldenkamp Senior Portfolio Manager The Partnership | 3

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