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The Partnership no. 11

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Cultivation and

Cultivation and marketing Many characteristics of existing and new varieties are evaluated, such as their suitability for organic cultivation in the south of the United States and in Mexico, for which disease resistances are of great importance. Other aspects are horticulture traits such as tipburn, core length, plant architecture and colour as well as efficiency in harvesting and processing, flavour and shelf-life potential. “In recent years, we have been putting a lot of attention on extending our collaboration from field trials to post-harvest trials and developing a broader evaluation of the potential application of our genetics to the marketplace,” says Erica Renaud. “In the United States, shelf-life requirements are longer due to distances required for product to travel across country compared to the EU. All products, whether whole head, chopped or blended, are meticulously screened to confirm their keeping quality.” “We make every effort to meet our promise of supplying healthy, fresh produce every single day,” says Nathalie Fontanilla, head of R&D and Product Innovation at Earthbound Farm. “So the packaging of our products and the conditions under which they are transported must meet very strict requirements. The products themselves must of course be of excellent quality too. A perfect example is the Red Romaine clamshell, one of our latest introductions and an instant success. It’s a direct result of our intensive collaboration with Enza Zaden. For that reason, the variety involved is cultivated and marketed exclusively by Earthbound Farm.” Data sharing Both companies exchange the results of field trials and post-harvest tests to be assured of seed availability in the quantities and quality needed. Data relating to other aspects are also exchanged and compared. “Such detailed feedback is very useful for both parties,” explains Renaud. “It enables our breeders to make better decisions, and it helps Earthbound Farm to choose the varieties that best meet their needs in terms of cultivation, processing, sales and product innovation.” Organic seed Another aspect that receives constant attention is organic seed. Many seed companies find organic seed production too much of a challenge due to restriction in use of synthetic chemicals and additional logistical requirements to achieve certification. In contrast, Enza Zaden’s subsidiary Vitalis Organic Seeds is very active in this respect. “We are required through organic regulation to use organic seed if it is commercially available, and must demonstrate that we make every effort to obtain it each year,” Fontanilla explains. “Our dedication to organic was what started the partnership with Enza Zaden/Vitalis. From that point on, we made a commitment to increase our annual organic seed usage. We have made huge strides in identifying viable organic varieties for our program. This was not an easy task. The Enza Zaden field team and our internal farming and quality teams have carried out hundreds of variety trials over the years, enabling us to constantly innovate and improve our agronomical performance and our product range.” “This partnership has also been beneficial for Enza Zaden/Vitalis,” adds Renaud. “It has given a significant boost to our organic seed production and breeding programs. Our varietal assortment dedicated to organics is broader than ever. And that’s a good thing, because consumer and customer demand continues to grow.” Organic Seeds Partnership in & Marketing Sales actions Market is, in essence, the group of companies and/or people who buy and sell a product or service. Together with all the processes involved in those transactions. Therefore, a high performance Marketing & Sales team ‘only’ has to listen and understand the market and then deliver products or services to cover those market demands. Simple. The thing is that perceiving, listening and interpreting the very first signals is not enough. We also have to give fast answers to those market demands. Communicating with the market which is not a single person or a single group of people is not so simple. Two-way marketing communication model Marketing communication – not advertising – in both of the directions is one of the key disciplines currently and will be even more so in a short future. In terms of (sales) communication, the old model, Informing - Persuading - Reminding, has been replaced by a new one: Demonstrating - Involving - Empowering. This is a two-way marketing communication model. All the chain players, from your customer to your customer´s customers and the final consumers or users, are involved and engaged in building the value proposal. Successful products When we talk about building the right connections with customers and chain players, we talk about working in partnerships. That is the only way to really communicate efficiently with the market. The connections we have with our chain partners are fundamental to develop successful products. Campari, Sunstream®, Safra®, Maranello, Orange Summer, Tribelli®, TomAzur®, Xanadu, … these are all excellent examples of how fruitful partnerships can be. These are all varieties and brands much appreciated by the market. They satisfy the consumers’ demands and they are all very profitable for us and for our customers. Partnership, internal and external, was the key to their success. The participation from researchers to customers was key to develop them. Enza Zaden is people oriented, we believe in long term relationships and cooperation. Partnership is something natural for us. Together with our customers, we are proving that working in partnerships not only produces profits but also fun. Enjoy the Enza Zaden experience at Regional Sales Director South Europe Prudencio Olivares has worked for Enza Zaden since November 1996. From the very beginning he has felt engaged with the company. He believes that developing internal and external partnerships is the key to succeed. That, together with helping the employees to develop, is what he enjoys. Column 30 | The Partnership The Partnership | 31

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