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The Partnership no. 11

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How to get Trends Kids

How to get Trends Kids to eat healthy snacks? Stilling hunger pangs with fresh vegetables is a very sensible form of snacking, especially for children, who – if all goes well – still have a long, healthy life ahead of them. This is also something that can easily be done, with today’s constantly growing range of appealing, tasty, colourful and ready-to-eat vegetables. But all too often children go for the wrong kinds of snacks, and this is a serious social problem. How can we get our children to enjoy things that are better for them? It’s time for us to face the harsh facts. The everyday diet of the affluent part of the world is severely unbalanced. We’re eating too much, and too many things in the wrong ratios. Very few people actually consume the recommended daily amounts of fruit and vegetables. Instead, we eat far too many sweet, fatty and salty foods – biscuits and crisps, sweets and chocolate, fast food and high-sugar soft drinks. Many people don’t think twice before grabbing such an unhealthy snack. Diseases of affluence The social consequences of the diet of affluence are well known. Obesity is becoming epidemic in affluent countries and diabetes type 2 – the variant caused by constantly high blood sugar levels – is rapidly moving up the list of most common diseases. What’s more, these diseases are affecting ever younger people. So things are going wrong with children at a very early age already. The consequences are unpleasant, and sometimes even life-threatening, for the people concerned, whatever age they are. The costs entailed by the consequences and side-effects, such as absenteeism due to sickness, drugs and medical care, premature death, are also constantly increasing – and this is an issue that affects us all. 24 | The Partnership

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