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The Partnership no. 11

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New Zealand allowing us

New Zealand allowing us to supply our customers in overseas long time after slicing. Kanavaro meets those requirements, but those of Europe, North America and parts of the Middle and Far Stronger together markets all year round. We do the same with avocados in New customers won’t fully realise it unless you get every aspect of East. As an example I can quote a project we launched together Levarht and Enza Zaden began to work together around fifteen Zealand and with melons in Costa Rica. And we have recently your sales story correct. So a well-organised supply chain is as with Enza Zaden in Germany under the heading of Masse oder years ago, when the wholesale company decided to start launched a new project with our partners in China.” important to our marketing strategy as the range of varieties we Klasse. We introduced some new concepts to meet the growing growing produce itself. The past five years the scope of the offer, our packaging and rumour around the brand.” demand for tasty tomatoes and tested those concepts together cooperation has broadened considerably. Van Os: “We exchange The establishment and expansion of contract cultivation in China with a few supermarkets. This way we built up a reputation as market knowledge, look ahead together and develop and test go hand in hand with the modernisation that is currently taking Levarht also focuses directly on consumers via its retail packaging. producers and suppliers of added value.” new product concepts. This approach enables us to market our place in Chinese horticulture. “The country is rapidly switching “We want consumers to appreciate our products’ added value, concepts effectively. We also study long-term trends such as to high-tech greenhouse cultivation and high-quality modern so we explain to them on the packaging how to use and prepare The Commercial Director mentions the striped sweet pepper sustainable cultivation and local-for-local production. Enza Zaden’s varieties. By combining Enza Zaden’s cultivation expertise with our the products, and offer them inspiring recipes and useful health Enjoya as another good example of a distinctive fruit vegetable global network helps us to adequately meet our target groups’ marketing expertise, we can speed up this transition and compose information. This we do in a fun way, without being too didactic. with growth potential. “It’s a real eye-catcher that adds a lot of demands via a form of cooperation involving the entire chain. And a range that will offer all parties concerned added value.” And it works: we get the message across.” colour to salads, which are in many markets a new application for the other way round, our marketing expertise helps Enza Zaden to Total concept Added value sweet peppers. This implies new sales prospects. And in Malaysia we are testing extra sweet tasty melons of the Japanese type focus its breeding programmes in the right direction and develop new product concepts. Our cooperation has made us both A concrete result of this approach in the large Chinese market Levarht aims to ensure added value by offering products that together with Enza Zaden. There are many more examples I could stronger.” is the cultivation of Kanavaro beef tomatoes, specifically for stand out in terms of their quality, appearance and/or flavour, but quote, but the ones I’ve mentioned give you a good idea of what customers active in the catering industry. “They want tasty beef also by optimising the value chain. “Our motto is: not mass, but we’re looking for.” tomatoes that can be easily sliced and retain their quality for a class. This holds especially for well-developed markets such as 20 | The Partnership The Partnership | 21

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