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The Partnership no. 11

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to values between 8°

to values between 8° and 11°, depending on the variety. The volatile compounds are so diverse and so important in determining the flavour, that it's a lot harder to define a good statistical model." Clearly conicals are evaluated as having the better taste because of this sweetness, but probably in combination with these volatiles. The sweetness also has a downside when doing taste experiments: once a test person has eaten a conical sweet pepper, his or her taste experience is so saturated that this person cannot differentiate anymore between blocky peppers for a number of hours. known that the right mouthfeel and the presence of the right aromatic substances are just as important. "In scientific terms it has been possible to identify and measure volatile compounds for a long time now; it just took a while before we were able to apply this ability in practice on a large scale. With the advent of betterautomated laboratory equipment, with which we can measure the volatile compounds efficiently, this knowledge has only now become truly of interest to us." Fruit Logistica Berlin 2017 The Fruit Logistica in Berlin is a great place for connecting with all kind of parties from the chain. Enza Zaden is already a participant for many years. Also this year we will be present with a booth in which we show a wide range of our vegetable varieties. This year we also have special attention for the organic products of our organic subsidiary Vitalis Organic Seeds. Vitalis Born, Wholesum Raised a great example of partnership In Product Focus On a large scale In the vegetable breeding industry time spent on (bio) chemical analyses has increased enormously over the past five years. Obviously the Brix content has been measured for many years, but it is nowadays well-known that endlessly increasing the Brix delivers little additional benefit in terms of flavour. A sufficiently high Brix content therefore forms still an important basis for the taste experience, but it is now becoming increasingly well- Flavour enhancers This promises a great deal for the future. For example, we now know that many wild sweet pepper varieties contain an enormous amount of volatile compounds. When the fruits are cut open, you smell delicious exotic fruit scents like banana or pineapple. However, one major drawback is that these fruits are also rather hot. With the current technology we should be able to introduce new flavours in sweet blocky or conical peppers. And that fits nicely into the trend for healthy snacks, which is causing an increase in demand for sweet peppers with variety in flavour." Concepts & Brands Besides our wide product presentation of conventional and organic products, there is place for our consolidated and new concepts and brands. “Nowadays partnership with all parties in the chain is essential,” explains Produce Chain Manager Chris Groot. “At the Fruit Logistica we present our successful concepts, which are the result of great partnerships. We are happy to talk about new opportunities with our visitors.” Growing under LED light New this year at our booth is the presentation of lettuce and herbs varieties under LED light. This new technique of growing is getting more popular. Ian Botes, Senior Portfolio Manager: “Good arable land and clean water are becoming ever scarcer, whereas the global population is rapidly growing and big cities are becoming even bigger. Growing crops in a different way, besides outdoors and in greenhouses, may be worthwhile. Plant factories with artificial lights, in which the crops are grown in several layers in conditioned climate condition, is a good solution for this.” In the USA, Vitalis Organic Seeds found a partner in Wholesum Harvest, a certified organic grower who is demonstrating their commitment to an organic agriculture that starts with organic seed. “Organic seed is the first input necessary to grow organic vegetables,” explains Erica Renaud, Regional Business Manager Vitalis North America. “Also organic seed brings value to the chain as a whole, from grower to retailer to consumer. By combining both Vitalis’ and Wholesum’s expertise we can create the best possible products for the organic market.” What is biochemistry? Within biotechnology research, there are three major areas of special interest: molecular biology, biochemistry and analytical chemistry. Molecular biology focuses on the genes of plants and fruits, while biochemistry focuses on the level above – the enzymes that are constructed from amino acids according the blueprint encoded in the genes. Analytical chemistry looks at the level of the chemical compounds that are the product of enzyme activities present in the plant. You encounter the impact of chemical compounds when, for example, you cut open a green sweet pepper. The fresh green scent that is released appears to consist of the same substances that are released when mowing green grass. As the sweet pepper ripens, the level of the grassgreen substances decreases and are replaced by other more fruity scents." Hall 1.2 Booth C-09 8 - 10 February In the summer of 2016 the companies launched ‘Vitalis Born, Wholesum Raised’, a demonstration of commitment to organic integrity through the promotion and use of organic seed in the production of certified organic produce for retail markets. Wholesum will officially brand its tomato product with the ‘Vitalis Born, Wholesum Raised’ label indicating that the tomatoes that they market under their brand have been grown with Vitalis organic seed. The Partnership | 17

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