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Onion 2019

Introduction Dear

Introduction Dear customer, Welcome to the innovative world of Enza Zaden, a world-class vegetable seed company. We specialise in breeding in most vegetable crops including onion, tomato, sweet pepper, cucumber and lettuce to name a few. South Africa Enza Zaden began introducing F1 hybrid onions to South Africa through its distributors. On August 1st, 2017 Enza Zaden South Africa Commercial launched its operations as a subsidiary of Enza Zaden from the Netherlands and now serves its customers directly. Our onions Enza Zaden has onion breeders and crop specialists all over the world who collaborate very closely and regularly exchange specific knowledge to keep updated on the latest developments in breeding and product performances. New varieties are rigorously trialled across the world, including South Africa, before commercialisation. Focus and breeding With a leading breeding team and many years of experience we have gained in-depth market knowledge of world trends like the need for mechanisation, more focus on quality and improved yield. Our production facilities in both northern and southern hemispheres enable us to swiftly respond to market needs. Short day and intermediate day onions This brochure gives an overview of short day and intermediate day onion hybrids currently available from Enza Zaden South Africa Commercial. For guidelines on crop slotting and other information, please contact your local area representative or area manager. We look forward to a lifetime relationship with you and supporting you to make the right variety choices. The Enza Zaden team 2 | Enza Zaden Enza Zaden | 3

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