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International Catalogue Melon

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Enza Zaden melon

Enza Zaden melon Melon is a beautiful fruit and we believe it can unchain passions through its flavours. Enza Zaden’s melon breeding activities focus on strong plants with good resistances, high yields and flexibility. Our aim is to develop consistent varieties for growers, but also for the further links in the chain. Enza Zaden is building a strong team by working crossboundaries, cooperating with our customers and trying to maximise our experience and our varieties. We are active worldwide and we are really part of the market in types as Ananas, Galia, Kirkagac, Cantaloupe, Italian Netted and Piel de Sapo. With this brochure we would like to give you an impression of our current melon portfolio. Index Fully Netted Cantaloupe 4 Cantaloupe Sutured 6 Charentais 12 Italian Cantaloupe 20 Galia Export 24 Amarillo Export 28 Piel de Sapo 30 Enza Zaden | 3

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