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International Catalogue Melon

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Charentais Friandiz

Charentais Friandiz Security of an optimal production in risky conditions Friandiz is a semi early generative plant with very high yield potential and medium leaf cover. With the ability to give big size fruit which allows to plant on the early segment and the late chenille. Friandiz has a nice fruit presentation with good shape and well-defined sutures. Fruit turns yellow very slowly and have very good shelf life and flavour . Resistances: HR: Fom:0,1,2 | IR: Fom:1.2/Px:1,2,5/Ag Friandiz Kalavon (E25C.00391) A quality that will satisfy the most demanding markets Kalavon (E25C.00391) Zanaka (E25C.00440) The plant of Kalavon is balanced, medium strong, dark green and healthy. The fruit presentation is very nice with very dark sutures, turning creamy at maturity. The inside quality is very good with nice flesh colour and medium cavity. Kalavon is very tasty and has a high resistance to the Aphids. Resistances: HR: Fom:0,1,2 | IR: Px:1,2,5/Ag Zanaka (E25C.00440) The quality and caliber guaranty for the open field Strong and healthy plant allowing a very high setting. Zanaka has a premium fruit presentation with a clean and well-defined suture, a good net density and clean peduncle. Internally the variety has an intense orange flesh with a good firmness and nice taste. Resistances: HR: Fom:0,1,2 | IR: Fom:1.2/Px:1,2,5/Ag Charentais Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sept Oct Nov Morocco Kenza Spain France Spain Kerala France Artémis France France Kadenza Italy Kaly France Etika France Kenavo France Orakle France Glauco Italy Spain Makeba France Exquiz (E25C.00540) France Friandiz France Kalavon (E25C.00391) France Zanaka (E25C.00440) France Harvest 18 | Enza Zaden Enza Zaden | 19

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