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International Catalogue Melon

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Cantaloupe Sutured

Cantaloupe Sutured Citedor Good endurance and round fruits Citedor has a strong and very generative plant and an easy setting. The plant endurance is good, which allows a second setting management. The fruits of Citedor are very nice round and the skin turns slightly paler when mature. This is one of the first green varieties with Ag IR. Resistances: HR: Fom:0,1,2 | IR: Px:1,2,5/Ag Citedor Sucredor Aiace Sucredor Appealing and calibrated fruits in a consistent way Sucredor has a balanced plant with easy setting. Fruits are very round, have a light creamy skin and dark sutures. Sucredor has an intense orange flesh colour and high sugar level. Resistances: HR: Fom:0,1,2 | IR: Px:1,2,5/Ag Aiace Strong plant with high tolerance to Powdery Mildew The dark green clean-cut sutures and thick appealing peduncle of Aiace, give a persistent sensation of freshness. Hard flesh with deep orange colour and high sugar content. The thicker skin gives a better tolerance to cracking and to post-harvest handling. Resistances: HR: Fom:0,1,2 | IR: Px:1,2,5/Ag Cantaloupe Sutured Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sept Oct Nov Konquista Kiyomi (E25S.00648) Ketzal Kabayon Miramonte Giasone Enzor (E25S.00524) Devesa Clamor Citedor Sucredor Aiace Central America Brazil Central America Brazil Central America Morocco Italy Spain Morocco Italy Morocco Spain Greenhouse Spain Almeria Open Field Spain Murcia Morocco Spain Spain France Spain Francia Spain Italy Harvest 10 | Enza Zaden Enza Zaden | 11

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