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Spinach (Spinacia

Spinach (Spinacia oleracea) TSW: Sowing: Seed demand: BBL: 9-17 g, 1 g = 60-110 seeds. Depending on variety (see description). Autumn sowings for harvesting in spring should be in the stage of 2-4 leaves for overwintering. Fresh market: 300-400 seeds/m². 800-1.000 seeds/m². Resistances Corvair F1 Monnopa HR Pfs:1-11,13,15,16 Description Medium early Spinach hybrid with broad resistances to Downy Mildew. Strong against bolting under all conditions and suitable for the whole growing season. Upright growth with oval shaped, smooth leaves. Reliable variety with long harvesting period and high yield. Medium early type for spring and autumn. Available as organic seeds from Vitalis | Only available as organic seeds from Vitalis | HR: High Resistance | Variety information is based on our experiences from trial and agricultural production and offers no guarantee. Different climate, soil and cultivation circumstances must be taken into account. Corvair F1 Enza Zaden | 53

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