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Rootstock Tomato

Rootstock Tomato Rootstock Espartano F1 (E16R.40846) Espartano is our strongest rootstock, maintaining a balanced growth effect on the scion and not becoming too vigorous. The endurance of this rootstock ensures excellent plant vigor and high fruit production until the end of the growing season. Even under stressed conditions, the average fruit weight remains stable, resulting in increased total yields. Resistances: HR: ToMV:0-2/Ff:A-E/Va:0/Vd:0/Fol:0-2/For | IR: TSWV/Pl/Ma/Mi/Mj Pepper Rootstock Odysseus F1 Odysseus is designed for heated greenhouse growers interested in boosting their pepper yields. The vegetative power of Odysseus can be converted to increased fruit production when matched with a generative scion. This rootstock is ideal for glass greenhouses or harsh environment. Resistances: HR: Tm:0 Estamino F1 Estamino is a strong, vigorous rootstock with a positive generative effect on the growth of the cultivar grafted on it. An Estamino-graft results in a well-balanced plant with good generative growth. It does not have an excessive vegetative effect on the cultivar grafted on it. The balance in plant growth results in a steady production and all cultivars maintain size and productivity until the end of the cultivation cycle. Estamino is definitely a rootstock for growers that have issues with controlling excessive vegetative growth in their crops. Resistances: HR: ToMV:0-2/Ff:A-E/Va:0/Vd:0/Fol:0-2/For | IR: TSWV/Pl/Ma/Mi/Mj Fortamino F1 Fortamino is recommended for use when transplanting into hot growing conditions. The strong root system gives extra vegetative power to the plants in the early stage of growth, providing very good leaf cover and excellent recovery after stress conditions. Grafting on Fortamino also has a positive effect on the number of flowers per truss and higher average fruit weight. For non-heated conditions. Resistances: HR: ToMV:0-2/Ff:A-E/Pl/Va:0/Vd:0/Fol:0-2/For | IR: TSWV/Ma/Mi/Mj Scarface F1 This variety is the solution against Nematode pressure. Scarface performs best when grafted to generative scions, and will increase yields by extending the production season longer than is possible with ungrafted plants. Scarface can be used in both heated and unheated greenhouse conditions. Resistances: HR: Tm:0 | IR: Ma/Mi/Mj Cucurbit Rootstock Flexifort F1 Flexifort is bred for cucumber, melon and watermelon growers who are seeking a longer, healthier crop. This rootstock brings increased vigor and a high return of first quality fruits. Flexifort is an interspecific Cucurbita maxima and Cucurbita moschata cross that combines nicely with a wide number of varieties. It is resistant against several soil-borne diseases, as well as abiotic stresses such as drought, temperature extremes and salinity. Resistances: HR: Fom:0-2,1.2/Fon:0,1/Foc | IR: Forc Pepper Rootstock Tomato Rootstock Cucurbit Rootstock 66 | Enza Zaden Enza Zaden | 67

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