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Catalogue USA 2020

Pepper | Heated

Pepper | Heated Greenhouse Eggplant Sabour Blocky Yellow Gialte F1 Gialte is a yellow blocky pepper with exceptional production and quality. The flexible nature of this variety makes it well-suited to all cultivation systems. Fruit size is medium to large, and works well for mixed bag sales. With an attractive yellow color, good uniformity and excellent shelf life, Gialte is a great addition to a colored bell program. Resistances: HR: Tm:0-3 Sabour F1 | new Sabour produces blocky fruit sized 3.5 in. (8-9 cm) that mature to a bright lemon yellow color. Fruits are extremely uniform and maintain their yellow color even during long daylight conditions. Sabour has good vegetation, production is improved in dry climates and when grown under diffuse glass. Resistances: HR: Tm:0-3 Annina F1 | new This gorgeous striped eggplant will not fail to impress growers and eaters alike. This adaptable variety produces well in both high tunnel and open field production systems, and yields half long, uniform fruit that average 0.7 lb. (318 gr). Growers will appreciate the spineless calyx, and customers will love the deep purple color striped with fine white lines. Traviata F1 Traviata is a strong growing, well-balanced plant that produces half-long, uniform, black, shiny fruits. A high yielding and early variety recommended for spring and summer open field and unheated greenhouse production. Annina Orbit Blocky Orange Orbit F1 Orbit is an orange blocky bell pepper with a vigorous plant habit and high yield. Recent sales in Canada, the USA and Mexico have shown Orbit to be adaptable in early and late sowings and productive throughout the season. Fruits average 3.3-3.5 in. (8-9 cm). This exciting addition offers growers a versatile and high-quality orange pepper with impressive shelf life that will nicely round out their assortment. Resistances: HR: Tm:0-3 Orginale F1 (E20B.0261) | new This orange bell pepper produces blocky fruit with good quality that are an ideal size for bagging (3.5 in., 8-9 cm) and strong against pitting. The plant is moderate in height with an open, generative structure that can be grown in either glass or poly structures. Orginale sets fruit early, and colors quickly, producing high yields that are easy to harvest. Resistances: HR: Tm:0-3 | IR: TSWV:0 Orginale (E20B.0261) 56 | Enza Zaden Enza Zaden | 57

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