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Brochure Romaine Australia 2021


Romaine Large Green Corbana | STANDARD • A popular, fresh, dark green open field variety. • Large size with good heart filling and dense heads. • Recommended for spring and autumn production, winter QLD. Totana • Dark green, medium to large heads. • Uniform with glossy, dark green leaves. • Fast filling and reliable, with a short core. • Suitable for shoulder to summer harvest. Corbana Colbiana | • Blonde, medium to large cos. • Good size and filling potential, good bolting tolerance. • Autumn and cool season production. Midi Green Kilnsey | • Medium to large heads. • Dark green, larger midi-Romaine. • Crispy texture with good processability. • Slow bolting suitable for shoulder and warm season. Totana Tarraco (E01G.11439) | • Mid to dark green, midi-Romaine. • Strong on bolting and tipburn. • Fast filling and reliable. • Suitable for shoulder and cool season production. Kilnsey (E01G.11086) 4 | Enza Zaden Enza Zaden | 5

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