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11 months ago

Basil 2021

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Basil Edwina | Reliable variety in the Genovese type for a year round pot production. Also under low light conditions this variety produces shiny dark green leaves and a very uniform plant horizon in the pots. Keira | New Marian type for pot, NFT production and processing with excellent shelf life. Cold tolerant. Elidia | Genovese type with intermediate resistance against Fusarium. Compact growth, ideal for pot production. Dolly | * * Very uniform, large leaved and fast growing variety with improved tolerance against low temperatures. Recommended for open field and pesto production. Elidia Marian | A compact pot basil; very stable and errect with small leaves. Tolerant against Downey Mildew. The international standard variety for pot and NFT growers. Eleonora | * Basil with intermediate resistance against downy mildew. Big, light serrated leaves. For open field, pot and pesto production. Keira Marian Emily | Very compact pot basil variety. Genovese type with medium large leaves. Emily is recommended for summer production in more balanced climates, all year round in hot climates or production under high light intensity. The elongated shelf life of Emily enables an extended transport phase. Very suitable for artifical lights. Genoveser | Shiny, dark green, spoon shaped leaves. High yielding. Special Genovese selection for fresh cut and processing industry. Lemon sel. Lemona | Fine leaved, quick growing, with an intense lemon flavour. Dolly Organic seeds by Vitalis | New generation of herb varieties wth excellent resistence or other specific added valus like shef life or cold-tolerance. Emily Fresh Cut | Processing | Pot production | NFT | * limited suitability Eleonora 2 | Enza Zaden Enza Zaden | 3